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An Adventurer's Tale

Accept quests, explore mysterious lands, fight enemies, and win the hearts of fair maidens in this VN/RPG hybrid. · By Top Hat Studios, Inc.


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Patch Information
Hello everyone, We are aware from our Discord server that some people where experiencing odd behavior with saving and roll-back. We recently rolled out a patch...
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Overhaul Patch Update
Hello everyone, We're very happy to say the overhaul patch is now live. Below you will find a changelog detailing every we've changed in the game (it's quite a...
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Updated to Steam/Nutaku Version
Hello everyone, Just a quick note that we've updated the game to the version live on both Steam and Nutaku. Numerous bugs and tweaks should be fixed. You may ne...
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Nightly Fixes/Recap
5/26: -fixes to spider turn in quest -fixes to various battle item crashes -fixes to molten crag Flames of War ability -fixes to bone golem ability -balances fo...
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Nightly Changes/Fixes Recap
Changelog for the past two days: 5/24: -crash from certain "bag" items -error from certain instances of party attacks -error from certain instances of checking...
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Nightly Changes Recap
Hello, Here is a full list of changes that we've done today, which are now live. -Crystal Cave Subterranean Ruins crash -Monk Robes error screen -Berserker Cras...
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5/23 Patch & Changelog
First post-release official patch. Patch Notes; -Crystal Cave Subterranean Ruins crash -Monk Robes error screen -Berserker Crash in battle You may need to start...
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5/23 Steam Pre-Launch Patch
Hello! Just letting everyone know that we've uploaded updated builds of the game in order to reflect the upcoming launch on Steam tomorrow (5/23). This brings t...
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