Nightly Changes Recap


Here is a full list of changes that we've done today, which are now live.

-Crystal Cave Subterranean Ruins crash
-Monk Robes error screen
-Berserker Crash in battle
-series of hotfixes for various combat
-smoke bomb item causing crash
-rare condition of double spawning call skills causing crashes
-ring of fire skill causing error
-waterfall skill causing error
-certain status ailments causing crashes
-fixed a number of misc crashes happening at times in combat
-increased combat speed
-fix for abandoned mines crashes
-spider mound crash
-combat balancing, made stuns less common
-fix for crashes in various areas of the caves
-various typos fixed
-gold now shows on shop screen


-quest crashes for quests that grant items

-certain NPCs not appearing on screen correctly when leaving their area

-certain quests not being able to be completed (may need to start a new game to see this one)

-BG not appearing correctly in some areas of the cavern

-kraken crash for solo party

-certain party members causing crashes

-situation where quests would be doubled up sometimes from certain NPCs in rare cases, not allowing further turn in -> definitely requires a new game

Please let us know if you find any other bugs. We are hyper-attentive to bug fixing and will generally have things fixed within 12 hours of receiving the report.


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May 24, 2019
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May 24, 2019

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