Nightly Changes/Fixes Recap

Changelog for the past two days:

-crash from certain "bag" items
-error from certain instances of party attacks
-error from certain instances of checking quest data
-logic loop error from Ravenous Cube's "consume" ability fixed
-greater nega bait lowered price in store (may require a new game to see for some people)
-error preventing quest turn in in certain sub-areas
-various typo fixes
-"Dying To Die" repeatability fixed
-fixed an error where seemingly time wouldn't pass at times
-fixed an error preventing the thieves' guild from being turned in
-fixed an error where Ethereality quest would be completed but not turned in
-fixed a logic error where damage would at times double up for party members
-fixed an error w/ using magic potions out of battle
-fixed various Greth & Greia quests not having the right meta-data
-switched Menu button to go to Preferences/Settings instead of Main Menu
-added 100 starting gold to secret gamemode
-fixed bug where obsidian ingot would be added to store but not purchaseable -fixed bug where bear hide could be turned in but wouldn't unlock shop

-fixes with ravenous cubes
-berserk state fix
-various fixes/improvements to party member behavior
-fix to item drop in crystal cave area
-fix to logic in Water Elemental part of Crystal Caves
-fix to handlers in bear cub quest
-fixed various issues with skills in Free Play mode
-fixes to confused behavior


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May 26, 2019
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May 26, 2019

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