Overhaul Patch Update

Hello everyone,

We're very happy to say the overhaul patch is now live. Below you will find a changelog detailing every we've changed in the game (it's quite a lot).

  • Added "Easy Mode" in options to skip battles.
  • Added version indicator + indicator for if patch is installed
  • Adding ability to sell items at most vendors
  • Added "bulk" selection for both banks & for the new sell option when selecting items
  • Vendors now have a "sell rate" which determines item & sell pricing. Some vendors are better than others!
  • Changed navigation ability, instead of defaulting back to tavern, you can now go to the worldmap, or when retreating certain areas ask to go back to the tavern or area hub
  • Fixed notifications, now overlay correctly and show in stacked order
  • In-battle notifications now show chronologically vertically instead of replacing each other
  • changed "party" UI - now tracks time of day/time left per day, player/party stats, etc.
  • stats UI now shows all party stats
  • added "Quick Battling", can be turned off/on from the party->stats menu
  • added bindable actions to battles if quick battle is enabled
  • added "Quick Travel" UI - click the "!" bubble when available. Also acts as a mini quest tracker
  • "Quick Travel" UI now tracks Quests, Events, Skills/Skill Quests, etc., regardless of if the events show up in the quest log or not
  • Reformatted parts of script to work with new "Quick Travel" system. Certain dialogue or area routes may be slightly tweaked.
  • Added "Forage Lists" to all areas - once every area is discovered, you can view all items in a certain area
  • Added "Enemy Lists" to all areas - once every event in an area is discovered, you can view all enemies in a location
  • Changed spawn encounter mechanics in non-boss areas for balancing; instead of pre-made troops, spawns are now random in size and type from a pool
  • Changed mechanics for Nega-monsters. Nega-bait can now be bought and used under the "Nega-hunting" option. Lesser bait will cause an instant nega-encounter but with random enemies, while greater nega-bait will let you choose monsters from said area. Random nega-monsters will still spawn.
  • Added a Tutorial option accessible from gameplay select
  • Rebalancing many stats & skills
  • Changed enemy growth mechanics, enemies now "grow" in stats every 3 days by a slightly lesser amount rather than by more every 5 days.
  • Added new bubble on map specifically for routing to other cities. The "other cities" option is still available in the main city.
  • Added version notices for data/save incompatibilities
  • Fixed various quests & other bugs
  • Added fail-safe mechanisms for certain quests some users were experiencing troubles progressing in
  • Fixed a bug related to how inventory data was stored to prevent item rollback
  • UI tweaks
  • Various animation tweaks
  • Typo fixes

Please note balancing will be an ongoing process. We are not fully satisfied yet.

Be sure to report any bugs on the forum, or join our Discord server and let us know! We'll try to have any issues fixed within a day or so of them being reported to us over Discord.

Check out the server here.


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