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Quick question. Is this game available to buy here?

I see no point in buying it on steam?


The game can indeed be bought over at:

Some people prefer to buy the game and add it to their Steam library, and we also want to distribute it on most storefronts we have access to so buyers have the ability to choose.

Great!!!!!! To me Steam is the worse platform to sell eroges on.

I like the demo. I just have a quick question: The end of the demo is when Arin falls asleep right? There wasn't like a "the demo is over" message or anything, I just got an error. Is that right? I want to make sure I'm not missing anything before I write about it. 

Hmm, that shouldn't happen at all. We'll check it out and fix it. Could you upload a screenshot of the error? Thank you.

read the description and was like danng

okay then