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"good. loved the art."

The artwork on this game is super cute! The shortness of it made the game easy to play in one sitting which made it so the length of the 'mystery' didn't play out for too long.


Once I had opportunity to talk with a sociopath. He confessed that his emotional reaction to people making sacrifices out of love of somebody (like a mother who protects her child even at risk of her life) is "crazy people do crazy things". I mentioned this episode because during your game I felt very much like this sociopath, "crazy teenagers do, feel and believe crazy things ".  The main hero clearly suffers from psyhosis, can't keep his dick inside his pants and confuses lust with love. Faye isn't an angel, but rather a bitch what deserves to be imprisoned for life and tortured everyday as long as possible (as Jaffar from "Aladdin" said, there are things worse than death).  The only sympathetic person is Chelsea.

Beautiful game, loved the art and music, however I didn't like the voice acting at all, it sounded rather fake.

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i love your art... so kawaii


I didn't really like the voice acting. It was good, but not great. I liked the effort, and I loved the synopsis and routes. The art and music were both amazing. <3


What the? No comments on this...? Interesting writing, fantastic artwork and yes, heart-snatching music. Is it just me or are the three characters secretly real? I've got to let you know the visual novel scene was a little fourth-wall-busting... but for where it is in the game, I guess that makes it okay. 4/5!