A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Painted in White is a light yuri visual novel developed by aE2S Novels in partnership with Top Hat Studios, Inc for Yuri Jam 2016
The full version should be out this Winter! If you enjoyed the game please consider donating to aE2S's Patreon.

Painted in White

Painted in White is a short visual novel inspired by cute yuri-infused slice of life anime like Yuru Yuri. The current demo includes the first day, which is just a small excerpt from the game. Similar to many of these shows, Painted in White follows the story of a few girls and their developing friendship. Follow Tomogi and her friends, Kuu, Petra, and Asagi through their comical adventures!

This release was created for Yuri Jam 2016! We hope you enjoy.


Winter - Writing, Planning

JBonesy - Programming, Editing

Geoff Moore - Music

Trey Fletcher - Interface Art & Implementation

Nekonomicon - Art

Install instructions

Unzip the archive for your OS and enjoy!


Painted in White Demo - Linux 67 MB
Painted in White Demo - Mac 63 MB
Painted in White Demo - Windows 64 MB


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Loved it. Hope the full version will e out. Is this game going to be a romance one as well?

Well. Everything seems to be very nice in demo. I'm waiting for the final version.

Wait... when it will be released? :3


Hi, if you want, I can help translate your project into Russian language. My email andredron12@yandex.ru

Thanks for the offer! We will gladly contact you when we consider a Russian translator onboard!

Ok =)

Is this game going to be on Steam? Or maybe Greenlight?

Hi there! The full game is planned to be on Steam, once we have a trailer we'll update the page with a link to the Greenlight. We hope you'll follow us until then.

Very cute so far. I liked the slow pace and the adorable humour. Good luck with the rest :D .

Thank you very much for the compliments! It's much appreciated, we hope you'll stick around for the final version.


I Intend to. Something of this quality that caters to our demographic doesn't pop up every day. Plus I'm already hooked.