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Loved it. Hope the full version will e out. Is this game going to be a romance one as well?

Well. Everything seems to be very nice in demo. I'm waiting for the final version.

Wait... when it will be released? :3


Hi, if you want, I can help translate your project into Russian language. My email

Thanks for the offer! We will gladly contact you when we consider a Russian translator onboard!

Ok =)

Is this game going to be on Steam? Or maybe Greenlight?

Hi there! The full game is planned to be on Steam, once we have a trailer we'll update the page with a link to the Greenlight. We hope you'll follow us until then.

Very cute so far. I liked the slow pace and the adorable humour. Good luck with the rest :D .

Thank you very much for the compliments! It's much appreciated, we hope you'll stick around for the final version.


I Intend to. Something of this quality that caters to our demographic doesn't pop up every day. Plus I'm already hooked.