A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The 7 Wonders of St. Clementine is a Horror/Thriller Visual Novel developed by Imagine Fantasia and published by Top Hat Studios, Inc.

This teaser for the game features a short segment of gameplay from the opening of the game. Note that this is not a representation of the final product, and everything is subject to change.

WARNING: Contains content not suitable for younger audiences or those who are easily scared; also contains gore, and future versions may contain flashing.


The city surrounding the school of St. Clementine is infamous for its trove of ghost stories and folklore - so much so that's it's crept onto the aging campus of the school itself. Following his dream of pursuing a cause dear to him, Muzukami Sei heads to his new place of enrollment; but from the beginning, everything seems off to him.  His curiosity getting the best of him, he continues to explore the school, but brushes off the rumors and stories of "mysterious" happenings as mere hearsay. Gathering an unlikely group of friends and slowly exploring and learning more about the school and its history, the legends surrounding the school begin to seem increasingly suspicious.  Accompanied by the stern student council vice president and sweet librarian of the school, Sei, emboldened by his personal pursuits, and his roommate Yuuto together delve deeper into the dark mysteries of the St Clementine - even if consequences may lay ahead.

Will they be able to solve the mysteries of St Clementine, and more importantly, will they survive? Can they trust each other? And what exactly are the dark secrets this school hides?


Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the executable for your operating system.


7 Wonders of St. Clementine - Demo 99 MB


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Looks interesting, it reminds me of "The Letter Horror Visual Novel" which is one if not "THE" best horror VN out there, good job :P

Thank you! We'll relay this to the dev team.

played the demo

Thoughts? We'll relay them to the developer.

pretty decent I was expecting jump scares but the demo is too short to give an  honest view... but I like it so far