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Heya, dear devs. I just completed the game, got all the achievements, but I'm still missing several pictures in the gallery. What did I miss?

9th page: 5th picture

16th page: 6th picture

18th page: 4th picture

19th page: 6th picture

Please help. I really like this game despite the -not as satisfying as I hoped- end (it's still pretty neat) and I'd really like to have the gallery complete. Any help you can give would be appreciated

Playing on PS4 btw. Also I heard something about a DLC?

He ? I have all of them and didn't do anything special. Despite the game saying "choices" the laste one is the only significant one. And the two else are only a small parenthesis that doesn't impact the rest of the game.

Still weird that there are gallery pictures missing


I just noticed that the status on the main page here still says "in development", you may want to change that to "released". Some potential customers may be turned off if they think it is in early access.


Thanks, just went ahead and did this.

Ahh I saw that this will release in July according to Steam. So psyched!

turkısh pl,

Good demo.

Amazing artstyle (cgs, bgs, sprites), amazing intro, amazing music

Good idea for a plot. i've noticed some inspirations from other cyberpunk things. a lot of interesting, good-looking and well-written characters. Very good lore and world and story-telling

I want more ♥

Yuri and Cyberpunk? No way I'm gonna skip this, heading over to KS after writing this comment. :)

The art is.. hmm, peculiar. Looks very hand-drawn, both backgrounds and characters. Have only run the demo briefly so far though.

Just one thing: Packaging the game as a .zip file doesn't preserve POSIX permissions. So the game cannot be run as-is on Linux. You have to change the permissions on a few files in the game folders after unpacking:

$ chmod u+x ./lib/linux-x86_64/Synergia ./lib/linux-i686/Synergia
$ chmod u+x ./

After the change, the game can be launched both on 32-bit and 64-bit machines: $ ./

Packaging it as .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 would fix that issue, but I guess that's a bit more inconvenient for Windows users.

I think Ren'Py should support packaging the game for each platform individually though? If true, maybe that'd do the job (Making a .zip for Windows, and something like a .tar.gz for Linux).

Anyway, it's not a big deal, just wanted to mention it. ;)

Alright, time to back that VN! :)

Lookin' forward to this! In the mean time: there is also a game called NeonCode if you're into cyberpunk.

Wooooow. Gonna buy it right on release.

this is rly well-written, i'm in love with the art style and aesthetic, and i got uber invested

i can't wait for the full version tbh !! this is lovely

also yoko's rly cute

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the art style. Even the options menu is breathtaking. And although VNs arent really my thing, I enjoyed the characters and story. Awesome job! 

playing the demo now :)