Updated Demo - New Features & More

Hello everyone,

Just letting everyone know we've released a new version of the demo. It will require a re-download;

Full changelog:

  • Fixed numerous typos, some awkward sentences
  • Small bug fixes
  • Small General UI Update for clearer visibility of certain buttons
  • White vers. UI has been updated to be clearer
  • Added an interactive PC segment during Cila's access to the Holonet; the first of many to be implemented throughout the story

As a reminder, we also have an ongoing kickstarter. You can check it out here;



Synergia - Official Demo 241 MB
Jul 10, 2019

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Good demo. Maybe tweak the body proportions of the character sprites(especially the males), using bases could be useful in that case.
But overall the game story is intriguing, the GUI is well thought out and the music is great. It's like playing through a 80's movies. Keep it up.


Maria Skłodowska - Curie * !!!